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STERLING REIGNS-DJ,Music Production,Music Experiences. (Events, Conferences,Weddings, Festivals)

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

London based DJ STERLING REIGNS i is an exuberant and colourful personality who prides himself as an open format DJ who has the skill to play across a multitude of various genres of music. A true professional, is ideal for a large corp

orate parties, international conferences, private functions, commercial events and much more.

Dj Sterling is a qualified music technology producer/studio engineer as well as a profesional DJ where i have played for numerous events around the world. Most present collaborating with top afrobeat artist Max Valentaine's . I was part of UK Hip hop group Hard II KILL, which was one of the first UK Hip Hop pioneers in the 90s. They toured with Naughty by nature, Shabba Ranks and Mary J Blige. They did a MTV special with Fab Five Freddy on UK Hip-hop.  I am a university graduate with 10-year music production experience who is influenced by the likes of Bill Conti, Burt Bacharach, Dre Dre, DJ premier Fela Kuti and Hip Hop producer Just Blaze. I host a variety of different music workshops through the platform : where along my team we offer the best music experiences around London . The most popular workshop Learn how to DJ in a in your dedicated time or Learn To Be the greatest Rapper or perhaps and Learn how to put your music together with Maschine MK3 orLogic Pro X. I am also an educator of music and have passion for teaching working with artists to give them the opportunity to explore their creativity.

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