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London based DJ Antony Ranz is a self-confessed music lover with a passion for mixing. An eccentric crowd pleasing DJ that specialises in Tribal House, Hip Hop, R&B, old School Garage, and 90's / 80's club classics. Deep House Tutor

Antony  musical journey started nearly 15 years ago originally began playing broken beats, UK funky and soulful house music in clubs/venues in 2008. By 2010 his sound of music changed and he took interest towards tribal house because of his Caribbean upbringing. Within this time Ranz also discovered his talent in influencing this sound because of his style of mixing.

Antony Ranz started producing funky/tribal sounds such as 'Ranzone', 'Zulo' and 'Got to take'. In 2013, he successfully remixed a few top ten funky house tracks for example 'Mary Mary remix', 'Got to take' and 'Superman! which are all playing in the clubs currently. 

Ranz is a truly talented DJ / Music Producer a perfect choice for any party / event or Music Production and DJ courses available on our services.

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DJ Ranz
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