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 SADÉ - Singer

London based artist Sadé is charming and a versatile vocalist with a wide repertoire of music. As a singer/songwriter Sadé's influences are H.E.R, Solange, SZA, Daniel Caesar, for their simplistic but meaningful lyrics and the instrumentals used. 

Sadé grew up listening to Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse, they played a major role and impact on the way Sadé makes her own music. Sadé appreciates artist's that captivate the ideologies of the freedom in their sounds. Cleo Soul, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and Aretha Franklin are just some of the artists Sadé finds were essential building blocks of her musical journey.
Hip Hop, Dancehall, Reggae, Jazz, Soca, Afrobeats, House, Rock and Classical music are genres that inspire Sadé constantly when creating new works.  


For booking enquiries for weddings, parties, commercials, song writing, modeling and studio sessions please contact E3 for more information.

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